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Over-Analyzing Facebook Page Followers

Someone recently mentioned, in a bit of a dramatic fashion, that they were “shocked” that many of their friends, family, and others they thought would be following or liking their Facebook page wasn’t.  Evidently, they did searches, scratched their head a few times, and was overall a bit perturbed that their expectations hadn’t been met.

I have a couple of things to say about this, but to get to the reason why they likely are not seeing the people they expect to be seeing is simply because of people’s personal profile privacy settings.  Many people have their privacy levels set to not display what they follow, like, who they have befriended, their location, marital status, education, work experience, etc.

So the next rebuttal is, “Why aren’t THEIR pages following or liking mine when I look them up?”  It could be because they follow you already as a personal profile or maybe they haven’t considering following or liking your page as theirs.

The fact of the matter is, yes, the number of followers and/or likes does matter.  However, it may not matter to the general public as much as you wish it does.  YOU may be giving it too much value.  There are hundreds and thousands of Facebook business profiles out there that have thousands and thousands of followers and likes on their pages that honestly, look abandoned.  That is not the responsibility of the people who like and/or follow the page.  It’s not Facebook’s fault because of an algorithm (although sometimes when there’s a change in it, it can be a little annoying).

The solution of “LIke! Share! Tell Your Friends!” may work from time to time, but overall, I think you’ll find it will fall flat faster than you can click refresh your post to see if anyone has responded.

Contact us for a consultation and we’ll get you on a path to not focusing so much on who is or isn’t liking or following your Facebook page and on one to analyzing what matters more.

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