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A Facebook Temptation: Boost That Post!

You’ve got this post on Facebook that is getting some real attention – lots of shares, comments, likes – it is really doing great!  You feel inspired to get even more traction out of it.  Facebook has also noted from its algorithm, that your post is “hot” and notifies you, suggesting that you “boost” your post.

You’re tempted to boost your post and it seems really easy (and it is).  You wonder though, “Is it worth it?”  Almost always, the answer is “Yes!” – especially if your goal is to reach people quickly within your ideal customer range.   Boosting a post is definitely fast and painless – nothing new to learn how to do.

Some people feel that Facebook is encouraging a boost to a post for its own monetary benefit.  Although that could be a part of the strategy (hello – they are selling ads …), they do have algorithms in place that know what’s happening on their platforms.  They’re keeping good track of things not just for themselves, but for brands.  If there is a page, group, post or ad on their platform they see is performing well (or not), they will notify the admins for that page, group, post or ad, with a nudge to take action.

When is boosting a post not such a great idea? 
  1. Obviously, if you don’t have money to cover your boosted posts, wait until you have the budget.
  2. If you’re boosting just to boost – without any rhyme, reason or goal in mind, don’t do it.   It could cause people to ignore you, unfollow, unlike or hide your brand.
  3. If you are boosting a post with a lot of text (over 20%) on an image, it may not get good results or even be approved.
  4. If you have another boosted post for your brand already boosted, this will essentially make you “compete” for the attention of your audience, if it is set to the same group of people.
  5. If you don’t want to link or have a bank/credit/Paypal account to use to pay for your boosting, don’t try to boost a post, because you need one of those options to use for paying for your boost.



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